KeeperRL hat Crowdfundingziel erreicht

Über KeeperRL habe ich ja mal bereits etwas geschrieben. Der opensource Dungeon-Keeper-Dwarf-Fortress-Mix hat heute bei Indiegogo das Finanzierungsziel von 5000 US-Dollar erreicht.

Im Dezember soll Version 1.0 erscheinen, die folgende Features beinhalten soll:

  • Big, persistent map (about 10 times bigger than now, area-wise), where you can build as many dungeons and play as many adventurers as you like. All the previous Keepers, if they are still alive, are now your enemies.

  • In-game exchange of maps through an online server. Let other players try to assault your dungeon with their army or an adventurer. Various statistics and a scoreboard of the most deadly dungeons.

  • Many special locations to explore. Go on quests, recruit more minions and find unique items to boost your black magic.

  • Much more content: special armor, weapons, items, special attacks, artifacts.

  • Lot’s of work put into balancing and fun gameplay. Big part of this will be listening to user feedback.

  • Graphics and UI overhaul.

  • Original soundtrack.

  • Android port.

Ich bin gespannt.

via GamingOnLinux

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